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hacking the job market

A raw video of my initial feelings, thoughts, emotions, etc. after I experienced yet another scam. While I originally thought the job offer was real, I quickly realized someone was fishing for my information. Three times. Three fucking times I have almost been fooled into believing I have a meaningful job. Pathetic. How easy it is for me to believe that a company wants me for my talents, my brain, my words.

Have you ever heard the term “Devil Corp?” It’s another name for companies that act as DS-Max (Direct Sales to the Maximum). There are different subgroups that act under this model. I’m going to pull a quote from, “The Advertising Division would henceforth represent third parties instead of exclusively their own product line. Employees named ‘Listers’ would seek out small business and propose advertising campaigns.” I suggest reading the article; it goes in depth about how these companies operate. For all intents and purposes, picture this as a better packaged MLM.

These companies need to be exposed. They’re fronting themselves as an advertising agency. Posting job openings for titles associated in roles that are at advertising agencies. However, the work that one would be doing is door-to-door sales or campaigning for donations at a stand outside of grocery stores. People who work hard for themselves are interviewing with these companies. Students who just graduated school, construction workers, business owners, all considering taking on these roles and leaving behind what they already have worked hard for just to be fooled into a position that is worthless.

These companies are looking to make profit, and that’s it. If there are legal ramifications to their actions, they change their name and pretend to be a different company, just to do it all over again. The job market for young individuals like me feels impossible to navigate. Between ghost companies, scammers, and the MLMs, I feel as though I will never find is job that’s worthwhile to me.

With all the power for a moment, I would expose the job market. Everyone is to blame, not just these profit hungry companies. I want more agencies and creative firms to take chances. The world is constantly turning out new creative individuals. I don’t have a fancy portfolio with work from clients. I have stories that have power, meaning. I want to learn. I want my mind to be molded, bent, stretched into a place that it’s never been before. I want to be taught, as I gaze out into the abyss, and there’s no one who wants to take that job… at least not yet.

The fake job offer sent me over the edge. The final straw. While it was hard to feel that sort of rejection, like I’m not good enough for a real job offer, just another mark to be had, I took that energy and put it into this project. Inspiration is my weapon of choice.

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