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Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies

This story was difficult for me to write. I hope it helps those who need help. I hope it gives strength to those who need strength. I never realized I was being abused until I was no longer being abused.

Life can come at us in so many unfortunate ways. It's a growing experience. It's a learning experience. Life is a continuous story for those who let it be written. My pain, my trauma is a never ending story. I've grown to accept that.

Telling my never ending story has added one more layer to my healing process. While it was difficult, I appreciated every moment. I leaned on my pain and memories like Bill Withers sings in "Lean On Me". My life is what has made me, what is making me. And yes, sometimes moments are harder than others, I am proud to be who I am today.

I hope you can take my story and be inspired to write your own, to continue letting life write your story.

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