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The Kennedys

About a month ago, a recent connection of mine showed me a project to apply for that is put on by Wieden+Kennedy. Wieden+Kennedy was the first ad agency that inspired me. A former professor of mine showed "Stan Talks" in class. Similar to Ted Talks, but instead of distinguished individuals talking about ideas they find themselves experts of, founders of different ad agencies talk about what makes up their agency. They talk about what their culture is like, how they work, a little bit about why they're special. Wieden+Kennedy's video started with Dan and David (rest in peace, the both of them <3) vibrating their lips in slow motion. I smiled and thought, that's where I want to be. A place where my bosses don't talk themselves too seriously and find inspiration in quite literally anything.

I decided to take this website that I created in 2021 and revamp it. The topic of my previous abusive partner is no secret. If you know me, then you know I am very open about it. The poem and short story have been here since the start, along with the collages images, but while interpreting and writing for the prompts for this project, I realized they belonged here. To be together. Where it all started, and maybe will all end.

With these new additions, I hope that while you read my work, you experience my emotions with me. I wish nothing more than your own self discovery of places you've never been as well. Thank you for your time reading. Don't forget to drink water today, as well, and to give yourself a little grace.

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